Born Again Woman

Hello beloved friends,

I feel like I am starting to feel where my wings are attached to the back of my heart. From the deep place within my heart they grew and now I am exploring the world with a new sense of sacred freedom. I may actually need to let go of the idea that I am a butterfly, for I believe the stage I am at now invites me to keep my feet on the ground, to allow that BEauty that I have been flying to outside of myself to take residence within my body.

I am feeling like a born again woman. I am actually allowing myself to BE Human in new and wondrous ways. This may or may not seem like an odd idea to you. I am opening up my complete body to exist in Grace. Please note that I said I am opening up to this reality, for it is still new and developing. Yet, I can happily share that I have had moments where I can feel my whole body being present to the moment, all at the same time 🙂 In contrast, a lot of my past has seen my vitality, my energy living more in my head, with occasional dips down into my heart and out my hands as I pray for others.

I have a lot to learn and a lot to share from the experiences I have had BEcoming me.
Over the life of this blog, I hope to share more here of the tools that have helped me, the processes I have gone through, inspirations that have assisted me.

To make this post full and rich, to give you a flavor for some of the healing work I have personally experienced recently, I share with you the following, with the hope that it will bring you benefit. While the actual healing happened while I was combining the healing modalities of Ho’oponopono, Matrix Energetics and Tapping (also known as Emotional Freedom Technique), it appears in type as a praying visualization in the form of spoken Ho’oponopono. I have heard from a Tapping friend that she found benefit for herself by Tapping and saying the bolded text below as if it were her own prayer. More on the specifics of Tapping later, but for now if you feel drawn to form this prayer into a prayer that will help you, please do so.

This healing related to habits / ways of thinking / repetitive attitudes reinforced for years, a healing that started the moment I first took someone else’s belief system into my own system. Some of these systems of belief had been running inside of me for over 30 years! 30 years of reinforcing is a monumental achievement!
In my current state of self-awareness, the spark to heal came when I realized that this achievement thinks it deserves to stick around for another 30 years. …. Well, I discovered that I was and am willing to look this achievement in the eye and say with deep love and acceptance


Thank you, you have served me well and I appreciate all the lessons I have learned while you have become the monument that you are. I am now ready to let you go, my inner landscape no longer needs a monument built upon a belief system I no longer believe in.
Thank you, I recognize your beauty and strength, I wish for you the best. Many blessings of love and freedom to you and to those in my world who helped me to form you.

I am sorry that I forgot that I have a choice in this matter for so long.

Please forgive me and let me be free of the pain I accepted when I believed in you rather than in me,

I love you and I love me
With love and gratitude I release you and welcome me home, within all that I Am.
In mind, body, heart and spirit I Am Free to Be Me

Now, after letting the past go with Love, I get to compassionately remind myself when I feel, see, and think glimmers of that monument, that I have the choice to live now from a new space of Love, a space where I can relax and be me, a space where I have room to think for myself. And I get to remind myself over and over again, that I Love and Accept ME.
I am now trusting in my hope that LOVING my self into freedom will be much more enjoyable than fearing myself into spending 30 years building a monument based upon someone else’s beliefs.

May we all compassionately reveal our TRUE BEautiFULL Self’s to ourselves and welcome him or her home into our body, mind, heart and soul more and more each day.

with much Love and Gratitude to you,
with deep appreciation to God Goddess LOVE Divine
I pray that we ALL welcome LOVE more deeply

hugs to all that you are,


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Preparing to become the butterfly once again


Deep within the cocoon I reside
Pulsing, laughing, intriguing place
The love I am deep inside
Has yet to figure out the pace

I keep wanting to find a pace that is just right
Just right to be me all the time
Just right to be me and not the idea of me
Just right to enliven that idea I have of ME

Samira-ing is quite an interesting path. I am loving my path actually, I am giving myself more freedom then I have in a long time and it feels soooo good to be relaxed in me.
As I take a deep breath in I honor all the steps that have brought me to right now, to this moment of courage in taking another step into virtual vulnerability and transparency. For, you see, I Am Me and I think I have an idea to show you who I am ^_^ perhaps by sharing with you who I am, then you will find you and have the courage to LIVE MORE CoMpLeTeLy as Y O U

I will allow myself to take baby steps or giant leaps as I expose Me to You. Each step filled with compassionate peace, love, joy, and as much depth as I can muster on the day I post.

Toward the One
with the One
love Love LOVE

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I did it ^_^

Greetings of the Heart

I pray that by beginning this website and blog 99paths2embody1love that I will take peaceful steps into the internet reality and that by doing so I will be of benefit. May this website and blog be a safe and loving place where true freedom reigns. May the Path to Love unfold in harmony and beauty for my new adventure and for all BEings everywhere.

God Goddess Love Divine, may this be so

Thank you, I love you

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