This is the beginning of a page dedicated to sharing the beauty of the land we are honored to live upon in Gila, New Mexico. I will be adding more pictures and information soon. If you are eager to learn more now, please email me at with and I will be in touch as soon as possible- Thank you!

We pray that the way be opened to inspire those who may enjoy the blessings of living in the Southwest and need a place to build their home among the trees in the high mountain desert, to find us and begin to explore the possibilities with us.

Here are some pictures that were taken in the last two weeks of May, upon these 11 acres we call home….

As one crosses the cattle guard onto our tree haven, you would see something akin to the following if you were to turn to each of the cardinal directions- arranged here as
North    East
South   West

When Stef purchased this land back around 1995, there was one tree on it! Now there are hundreds!

The soil here is amazing and was once the growing beds for a bountiful CSA for this area. The fields have been resting for many years now as we have welcomed and assisted the trees to create a rich riparian zone for migrating birds, javalina and more!

These pictures are taken from a small field in the southeast corner of these lands, and again are presented in the following order:

North    East
South   West

I will be adding more pictures after I return from a trip to spend time with my Sufi Ruhaniat family, but before I leave this for now I will share a few spreads of the area we would like to offer up to new neighbors… Each four pictures are presented as if you are standing upon these lands and turning to each direction…


From the NW corner …


and from the western side that has a natural cane and tree wall…


If one were to walk east from the cane wall, he or she would find a grouping of trees and bushes that kind of splits two big fields.., one would turn around in this..


And even further East, one would find herself here…


We have lots of big wide open spaces and skies here in the southwest

as well as lush beauty

and funBeginningWatsuPoolDancingBearFamily

Feel free to reach out to Samira and Stef at 575.535.2500 or through email ( ), for more information and connection.

May all beings everywhere know Peace and LOVE



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