I am continuing to deepen my relationship to being alive right now through my experience of reading “Red, Hot and Holy, a Heretic’s Love Story.”

Today’s reading brought forth tears as parts of me that have been silent for unknown numbers of years were touched and illumined by Loving Awareness.

Thank you Sera Beak for not only having the courage and the drive to know thyself but to also share your process with me / us. Priceless, simply priceless.


I know that this book is not for everyone, but I do trust that there are books and experiences for ALL of us out there somewhere. If you, yes you – the one reading this… If you are longing to feel more completely connected to your Essence, your VITALITY, please go for it.. Find what makes you feel alive and even if you gotta muck through all different kinds of resistance, Go For IT…

Because you are worth IT, you deserve to feel Alive.

Many blessings to your journey back home to YOU, whatever path you choose to take, enjoy it and love it.


the picture above contains excerpts from Sera Beak’s book. For me, the book is LOVE sent and is touching me deeply. Please visit her website if you are interested in learning more…..>



About Samira Heather Johnson

I AM becoming Spiritual Embodiment, a Self Awareness Catalyst for myself and others. I Believe that Life is worth Loving. May All Beings be Well and Happy Peace Peace Peace
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