Beginning again with Mercy and Compassion

Bism’Allah ar’Rahman ir’Rahim

Over and over again we are given the gift of beginning again. Here and now in mercy and compassion. Breathing into the moment of life that I am currently residing in, I am newly me, and then again, I am newly me as I breathe again.

Bism’Allah, beginning with the One,
ar’Rahman ir’Rahim, Mercy and Compassion,
Bism’Allah ar’Rahman ir’Rahim
I am inviting the ONE to begin anew with me in Mercy and Compassion.

I allow myself to be present to now, beginning anew, letting go of past fears and limitations, so that I may begin again with Allah.

May I and others who choose to do so, let ourselves truly BE with the ONE in Mercy and Compassion.

Blessings to you and your world
May we welcome more ease filled moments into every day of our lives
May we allow ourselves to breathe Mercy into our beingness, into our bodies
May we allow Compassion to be our friend and guide
May we let ourselves begin anew



About Samira Heather Johnson

I AM becoming Spiritual Embodiment, a Self Awareness Catalyst for myself and others. I Believe that Life is worth Loving. May All Beings be Well and Happy Peace Peace Peace
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