Up, down, all around
When you hit the ground
Remember, She is your mother

She is there to meet you
To welcome you
Home to your body,

With your hands upon her flesh
Trace the roots of her trees
Feel the edges of your pain
That brought you to your knees

And as you follow the roots, this pain may expand
And if you need to, reach down again with your hand
Feel the pulse of her drum beating heart

This form we take
Spiritual flesh
Longs to feel the Mother’s embrace again and again
Until we stand face to face with that which we call HOME

Is it your body yet?

Oh HayyaHo ! Great SPIRIT, guide us home. Oh HayyaHo
May we as humble pieces of this great universal field of LOVE, remember the gift of being embodied spirits. May we remember to let Love guide us to Love.

With great gratitude, I share the work of a beautiful woman whose work evokes the healing power of Nature’s Beauty, thank you “Mandal’ana’s” (who you can find, in representation, on FB). Every mandala she creates Helps me to feel the offering she has made and deepen my connection to Nature’s Healing Beauty.

May we all learn how to make offerings to GRACE



About Samira Heather Johnson

I AM becoming Spiritual Embodiment, a Self Awareness Catalyst for myself and others. I Believe that Life is worth Loving. May All Beings be Well and Happy Peace Peace Peace
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