Dear Beloved Beings who read this,

One of the things that has been bubbling up for me lately is self responsibility as well as the fears around comparing and or belittling myself in the face of another. Here is a self- reminding ramble that flowed out of me after Tapping with Brad Yates’ “Love Magnet.” May it BE of Service to YOU (As I reread this, I had a spark of coolness as I imagined beings all around the world saying these words to themselves in a loving way. Hmmm, maybe even as a mirror talk with themselves.)

groovy flower light heart

YOU are Love
YOU are your own best advocate
YOU are your own best healer
YOU are Magnificent
YOU are unique, so let yourself BE the gift to yourself that you have been waiting for. Let yourself love, accept, respect and HONOR YOU. Let yourself truly LOVE yourself.
Sometimes when we are learning and tapping what other people teach us, we forget that WE are unique and so, this is your reminder that YOU ARE YOU. When you love yourself truly, you can let go of the comparing, judgmental mind that says that only someone else can heal me. We are all here to love and support each other and we can do that best when we believe in ourselves. When we believe in who we are, no matter what our mind may think that somebody else thinks or says about us. WE are unique and really, we are the only one that can save ourselves. There is a lot of LOVE always available for us, no doubt we are never alone in this way, but only the individual can say YES to LOVE, no one else can do it for you… so … do you SAY YES TO LOVE ?

I AM saying YES to LOVE more and more
I AM saying YES to a Happy and Healthy LIFE
I AM saying YES to HONORING ALL that I AM
I AM sending Love to all the places inside of me that are a little freaked out by all this Love
I AM Loving and Accepting ALL that I AM
I choose to let go in an honoring way all the ideas I used to have about myself that no longer serve me.
I Choose to think Positively about Myself and Others
I choose to remind myself daily that I AM AWESOME
I choose to remind myself throughout the day to take a few deep breaths of Peace and settle into my heart, I welcome myself back into my heart again and again, as many times as it takes to REMEMBER that I AM LOVE

Everyday I remember that I am Love, I am the Lover, and I am the Beloved

May we all remember

I Let LOVE in
heart rainbow spiral

Here is the link to the Tapping with Brad video that helped me get clarity on this 🙂


About Samira Heather Johnson

I AM becoming Spiritual Embodiment, a Self Awareness Catalyst for myself and others. I Believe that Life is worth Loving. May All Beings be Well and Happy Peace Peace Peace
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