Another Tapping Session toward Freedom

I am a part of a community that works with the Tapping Solution, also known as EFT, and this writing is a reflection of my Tapping experience this morning.

I tapped pre-coffee this morning.. I had a beautiful catalystic call with a dear friend (thank you) to give me the start of a wonderful, short and very clear tapping session around letting go of the limiting beliefs that I have created around being scared to share my experiences with others….. being afraid of being misunderstood … being afraid that i am responsible for someone else’s reaction to what I have to share… being afraid that someone will judge themselves based on what I share… being afraid that someone else will feel less than because of what I share… being so afraid that I just don’t talk… I have had experiences in the past where I was clearly misunderstood and the pain that arose then and the fact that it was never “resolved” has led me to tamp myself down from sharing sooooooo many times, for so long that it was the norm for me to not share what was real for me. … and that fear and tamping down, I believe, helped me to have thyroid cancer… (thankfully I am clear and FREE, healthy and singing now)

As I breathe in NOW, I know that this is no longer my wish or reality of being, I AM willing and able to Express to others WHO I AM… others can understand what I share or they can not understand, and that is for them to work with, not ME.

I am responsible for my beliefs and my happiness making sense to ME. I AM FREE TO BE ME, and YOU are FREE TO BE YOU.

I pray that anything and everything that I share about me will be received with love and openness, and if it is not then that is okay. Because I share with Love now, no more withholding in fear, and I trust that Love will carry my words and intentions in a good way. It may be just what someone needs to hear to have Love be with them and it may be that it shows up as confusion at first because they are in fear of something… but LOVE will find a Way to create an OPENING for US ALL.

I pray that I become confident and able to consistently share in a good Loving way. I believe that as I truly let go of the fears that I have around sharing, that my sharing will be clear and well, frankly, easier to understand.
IN clearing my fears around sharing, my sharing will be CLEARER and filled with Love 😄 Yippee

May the circle of healing be widened every time one of us steps deeper into LOVE,
With love and gratitude,

The image below was created by an amazing artist named Tamara Phillips. I was introduced to her in FBland today.


About Samira Heather Johnson

I AM becoming Spiritual Embodiment, a Self Awareness Catalyst for myself and others. I Believe that Life is worth Loving. May All Beings be Well and Happy Peace Peace Peace
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